Mistletoe as
“The Collective Impact Community”

Mistletoe as a Collective Impact Community, our mission is to re-create a sustainable human-centered future using technology. Our community make up of those who lead the forefront of the global startup movement including entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and visionaries. Together we aim to solve global social challenges that humanity will face in the near future.

Our main activities range from startup investment, research & development (R&D), joint ventures to ecosystem development. Despite the range, our core testament is the concept “ORCHESTRATION”. Just as an orchestra needs an ensemble to produce a wonderful symphony, we believe that the design of an environment where various talents can gather is vital for new discoveries and some powerful chemical reactions for new ideas to occur. We therefore, believe that such an environment will enable us to solve social challenges that were otherwise impossible with just a single company. Mistletoe aims to be the hub of those who believe in the magic of "ORCHESTRATION", and to create many impactful movements around the globe.


Invested to startups


Invested to venture funds


Donated to 18 NPO & foundations


People joinded to the Community


Entrepreneurs supported


Partnership with universities


Unicorn supported


Geographical Coverage

139 startups, 69 venture funds and 18 non-profits in 16 countries.

Last update July 2020.


In order to make a brighter future for generations to come, we need companies that can make a “Great & Positive Impact” in various fields. I believe such companies are most likely to emerge from startups that are challenging new business ideas with outstanding core technologies. I founded Mistletoe with a mission to create an environment where streams of startups are born and grow together.

— Taizo Son, Founder of Mistletoe

Taizo Son


Taizo Son is a world-renowned serial entrepreneur and investor who has led many ITrelated startups to success. He is the founder of Mistletoe, a Collective Impact Community that advocates a new style of business through startup support, to solve social challenges with a mid-to-long term perspective. Through the activities of Mistletoe, he has redefined the definition of the existing social issues and has supported startups that may have a solution. He also serves as board of director for various IT startups that he helped found.