Mistletoe. Inc announces a concept model of a small autonomous hydrogen transporting sailing boat, which will be developed by Everblue Technologies, a startup to be founded in 2018

- By autonomously transporting renewable energy derived hydrogen, we aim to create a hydrogen-based society -

From September 4-7th 2018, a new concept model of a small autonomous hydrogen transporting sailing boat, the “everblue sailing boat”, was presented at the world’s largest maritime industry trade fair, the SMM Exhibition, in Hamburg, Germany. A startup company that will develop this technology, Everblue Technologies, is to be founded in 2018.

Production to storage and transportation of hydrogen using renewable energy has recently gained the global attention as it can balance the supply and demand of energy. For example, in December 2017, Japanese government announced the “Basic Hydrogen Strategy”, which depicts a roadmap to a hydrogen-based society by the year 2050.

Everblue Technologies’s vision is to develop the “everblue sailing boat”, a small autonomous hydrogen transporting sailing boat, that can transport hydrogen derived from renewable energy.

The boat with the total body length of approx. 30 feet, is equipped with a high-pressure hydrogen tank with a capacity of 4㎥and 70 MPa, which is capable of filling 40 fuel cell vehicles. The concept model is designed to have a hydrofoil, which creates a lift allowing the boat to travel with the maximum speed of 50km/h with the wind speed of 8m/sec. The goal is for the boat to have an average speed of 20km/h. The boat is also unmanned, and can calculate its direction and course using weather forecasts and wind direction.

Hydrogen transportation will be done with a fleet of boats, which number will be determined by route distance (among other factors) as well as the total amount of hydrogen transported. The current prediction for a 300km journey is at about 40 boats. These boats will be linked through a 5G communication network, and the fleet will be managed from a land-based operation center.

This concept model was designed in collaboration with FabCafe, which supports the global monozukuri (makers) community and is an evangelist of Autodesk Inc., a Japanese company that provides the 3D modeling software "Fusion 360". Going forward, the prototyping will be done under the supervision of ACT LLC, a firm specializing in racing yachts and commercial ship design.

Everblue Technologies also developed a partnership to develop this boat as an open source project with Tsuneishi Holdings on Sept 4th, 2018, a parent company to Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, one of the world’s largest bulk carrier manufacturers located in Hiroshima, Fukuyama City.

Furthermore, Everblue Technologies is planning to host the “Hydroloop Challenge”, an autonomous boat race in the summer of 2019 in Hiroshima Japan, which invites companies, research institutions, and universities to participate.

Mistletoe, lnc. (Founder: Taizo Son), a social impact venture capital HQ in Tokyo Japan, also supports the realization of a hydrogen-based society, through the activities of Everblue Technologies.

【everblue sailing boat (tentative) Graphic Image】

【everblue sailing boat (tentative) Concept Video】

Materials & Production Support:
Artist:Akira Wakita
Sound Design : Hananosuke Takimoto
Software Development Support : Masaki Yamabe